Katja Toporski Jewelry
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Chauvet 2016
The associations we have with specific places can bring us closer to a place in history, a timeline of humanity: an aim shared in the history of jewelry. The group Chauvet juxtaposes two sites that stand for core human quests and interventions. One is a 3D model taken from the Rosetta space probe of the Churyumov-Gerasimenko comet, a site scientists chose to investigate the beginnings of life in our solar system. The other place is the Chauvet cave in Southern France, where some of the earliest cave paintings have been discovered, images of which I traced and pierced from silver. Linking the two is a casting of an hourglass. While a symbol of time passing, this one is fragmented and opaque white, with no sand trickling between its poles. Each object brings its own mysteries to the piece; as a combination they compose a story of human endeavors over time, as jewelry they inhabit their own contemporary location.