Katja Toporski Jewelry
Mortals and the Jug 1Mortals and the Jug 1, backMortals and the Jug 2Mortals and the Jug 2, backMortals and the Jug 3Mortals and the Jug 3, backMortals and the Jug 4Mortals and the Jug 4, backMortals and the Jug 5Mortals and the Jug 5, backMortals and the Jug 6Mortals and the Jug 6, back
Mortals and the Jug 2017
Mortals and the Jug investigate the intersection of spirituality and virtuality . The pieces feature imprints of water surfaces, a segment of which appears in each piece.

Water. Reflection. Restoration. Life.

A form closely related to water is the jug, a form that has been thoroughly addressed in Martin Heidegger’s 1971 essay “The Thing”. The brooches contain a lamellated and pixilated version of this, employing Computer Aided Design techniques in conjunction with hand fabrication. Added layers come from the interiors of broken cell phone touch screens: optical screens and mirrors that shine a distorted light on the reality of each piece, leaving us to question which world they belong to.