Katja Toporski Jewelry
Chauvet 2016Angelus Novus 2015Light Matter Dark Matter 2014The Uncertainty of Substance 2013Material Continuum, 2013Eulogia
2011Still Breathing
Conceptual Jewelry
Art plays a role in addressing the intangible. The small scale of jewelry and its intimate relationship with the body can make it a vehicle for objects that are dear to us, ones that carry personal or spiritual meaning or act as objects of remembrance. In my recent work I am exploring the cyclical structure of the necklace to illustrate my ideas about material change, about permanence and the ephemeral, about growth and decay, the cycle of life and death. I am interested in objects that provided meaning in past cultures and the faint traces they left behind. Those objects leave us wondering and contemplating our cultural ancestors and how their treasured objects impact us today.